Getting a second opinion at no extra cost, that’s uncommon care

At HCF we put people before profit. We want to help you make confident decisions about your care and feel reassured when it comes to your health management.

That’s why we’re helping our members get a confidential second opinion on their health condition from a network of local, independent medical specialists.

Why get a second opinion?

There are many reasons you might want to get a second opinion.

If you, or a family member, has been diagnosed with a complex medical condition, getting a second opinion can help by:

  • assisting you to find the best treatment option
  • getting advice if current treatment doesn’t seem to be working
  • providing reassurance and peace of mind.
“I had a hip replacement and was in a lot of pain. My wife saw the HCF TV ad and so I rang up to find out more about the second opinion service. We filled out the forms and within 3 weeks got the specialist’s reply in the post. We followed their advice, which ultimately led to a second surgery due to an infection, which may have had serious consequences if not discovered. My recovery has been slow, but my pain level has reduced significantly.” - Robert, HCF Member


Who provides the service?

The second opinion service is delivered by MedHealth Pty Ltd on behalf of HCF. All the specialists are based in Australia.

Are you eligible?

Members who’ve had an HCF hospital policy for 12 months and are up-to-date with their premiums are eligible. Excludes Accident Only cover, Extras Only cover and Ambulance Only cover. You’ll also need to have had a consultation with a specialist for your medical condition (because this service is specifically for a second opinion). We've listed the medical conditions that are excluded below.

How much does it cost?

It’s free for eligible members and doesn't affect your premiums in any way.

How does it work?

Our second opinion service enables an independent specialist to review your medical notes and provide their advice. They won’t have a role in your ongoing treatment after they’ve given their opinion.

When you use this service, you can expect:

  • With your consent, your relevant medical information will be collected from your medical providers.
  • The information is then given to the reviewing specialist.
  • The specialist might ask to see you face-to-face to form their opinion.
  • The specialist may ask for a video conference with you and/or your doctor.
  • You'll have the opportunity to ask questions and raise any concerns about your condition.
  • The specialist will take a look at your medical information and make an assessment based on best practice guidelines.
  • You’ll get a second opinion report, which we recommend you share with your doctor(s).

The information prepared by the specialist isn't shared with HCF and doesn't affect what you're covered for.

Are there any exclusions?

Most medical conditions are covered. Things that aren’t included:

  • ear, nose, throat or chest infections
  • joint conditions requiring arthroscopy
  • obstetric conditions
  • psychiatric conditions
  • dental problems
  • cosmetic consultations
  • conditions which need screening or surveillance tests or procedures
  • conditions which may prevent you from attending a face-to-face review, including if you're currently in hospital.

Using the second opinion service

If you meet the eligibility criteria and would like a second medical opinion, please complete this form.


Your privacy

The second opinion service is run by MedHealth Pty Ltd for and on behalf of HCF. HCF may collect and disclose your name, membership number, and contact information to MedHealth so they can contact you about the second opinion service. The personal information (including health and other sensitive information) you provide is used by MedHealth and other service providers (appointed by MedHealth) only for the purpose of delivering the service. If you do not provide this information, MedHealth may not be able to provide you with the service.

MedHealth will not disclose personal information to HCF other than your name, postcode, date of birth, gender, date of access to the second opinion service, member number and customer number so that HCF can evaluate the service.

With your consent MedHealth may disclose your personal information (including health and other sensitive information) to your regular doctor or other health care provider. Your information is not stored or sent outside of Australia

For more information about how MedHealth or HCF collect, use, disclose, hold, secure and otherwise handle your personal information, including how to access and correct your personal information or make a complaint, and how HCF and MedHealth will deal with such a complaint, see their respective privacy policies: