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Here at HCF, we take care of more than just health insurance so you and your family can be protected when life’s hurdles come your way.

No one plans for accidents or falling ill, and what’s even more unexpected are recovery expenses like taxis, extra rehab, parking, babysitters or help if you need time off work.

We’re here for you with Recover Cover – a unique range of recovery and life insurance products to help with the costs that come with recovery.

Review our types of cover below, or call us on 1800 560 855 to go over your options.


Make the most of a cash payment to help cover costs like parking, taxis to doctors and babysitters when you’re recovering from an illness or injury.

  • Pays $5,000 for accidents requiring surgery*, or for a number of serious illnesses.
  • For those aged 16–60, with cover expiring at 65.
  • Costs from $2.50 per week, based on single cover (price will rise to $3 per week for singles and $6 per week for families from 15 June 2022).
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Get cash paid direct to you for common kids’ injuries to help cover costs like splints and extra treatments, or even use it to keep the house running while they get better.

  • Pays up to $3,000 for broken bones, $1,750 for specified burns and $5,000 for internal injuries.
  • Apply for children under 17 years old, with cover expiring at 22.
  • Costs only $1.25 a week, per child (for children under 17).
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Stay on top of bills and mortgage repayments if you're unable to work with cover that can help keep you afloat when recovering from an illness or an injury.

  • Pays up to 70% of your average monthly income^ (up to $7,500 per month for up to 12 months) if you can't work for more than 30 days because of an illness or injury*.
  • For those aged 18–60, with cover expiring at 65.
  • From $2.65 per week#.
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Deal with the unpredictable financial impact of serious illness with a fast cash payment so you can concentrate on your health and recovery instead of bills.

  • Pays up to $50,000, depending on your level of cover, for serious specified illnesses like heart attacks, cancers or strokes, excluding pre-existing conditions**.
  • For those aged 18–54, with cover expiring at 65.
  • Costs from $2.30 per week, based on $25,000 single cover for those aged 18–34.
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Get a lump sum if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness^^ or when you pass away so your family can worry less about money and focus on dealing with their loss.

  • Pays up to $500,000 in the event of death or terminal illness, based on the level of cover you choose, or up to $1 million if you die of an accident++.
  • For those aged 18–54, with cover expiring at 70.
  • From $3.45 per week##.
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Recover your way from accidents big and small with a cash payment to help take care of costs like meals, cleaners and visits to the doctor.

  • Pays up to $15,000 for specified injuries*** like fractures and burns, and up to $50,000 for accidental death++ depending on your level of cover.
  • For those aged 55–74, with cover expiring at 85.
  • Costs from $3.20 per week, based on single cover level of $25,000.
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Take a quick cash payout to help with unexpected recovery costs like an Uber Comfort for your broken leg, extra treatments and therapies, or a little extra time off work.

  • Pays up to $5,000 if you need surgery after an accident, for burns and fractures, or for a range of illnesses like cancers and certain heart conditions.
  • For those aged 16–30, with cover expiring at 65.
  • Costs from $7 per week for those aged 16­–34.
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"Critical Illness cover can really assist financially when you're sick and need to recover."

Liz, Recover Cover member, Critical Illness Cover

"It’s not about the amount of money, it’s the fact HCF took the time to read into my claim."

Abby, Recover Cover member, Kids' Accident Cover

"It provided another layer of insurance for my family."

Vivian, Recover Cover member, Cash Back Cover


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Recover Cover FAQs

Do I need to have private health insurance with HCF to apply for Recover Cover?
For most of our products, you won’t need to have HCF private health insurance to apply for Recover Cover. But you’ll need a couple or family level of HCF private health insurance to take out a family level of Cash Back Cover or a family level of Critical Illness Cover.

Is there an age limit to taking out Recover Cover?
All Recover Cover products include age limitations, and these vary depending on the cover type. To compare our types of cover, call us on 1800 560 855 to go over your options.

Is there someone I can talk to about Recover Cover?
Yes, we have Recover Cover specialists on hand to help you find the right cover for your needs. Call us on 1800 560 855.

Have another question? Head over to our Recover Cover FAQs to find answers on topics like eligibility, quotes and waiting periods.

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Why choose recover cover


With cover starting from only $1.25 per child per week (for children aged under 17 with Kids' Accident Cover) it's made to fit all budgets.


We pay most claims in less than 5 days (once we get all the information we need) to help with your recovery.

No complex medical checks or underwriting when you take out cover.


We pay you cash when your claim is approved, giving you the flexibility to use it to recover your way.

Important information

Please read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide available by calling 1800 560 855 or visiting, and consider your financial situation, objectives, and needs before deciding on these products as any advice provided does not take these into account. In addition to these documents, you should also read the Target Market Determination (TMD) for the product, which is available at Recover Cover is issued by our own HCF Life Insurance Company Pty Ltd. ABN 37 001 831 250, AFSL 236 806 (HCF Life). HCF Life is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia Limited ABN 68 000 026 746, AFSL 241 414 (HCF). The premiums for Recover Cover products are paid to HCF Life. HCF receives commission from HCF Life for their sale of up to 40% of the first year's premium plus an additional commission of 80% of HCF Life's underwriting profit each year calculated as premiums less claims and expenses. HCF's staff may receive an incentive depending on the annual premium of these products which they sell. This will not exceed 15% of the first year's premium.

*Surgery must be necessary as a result of the accident and within 6 months of the accident.
^Payment is subject to offsets including any amounts payable from your employer or superannuation fund. Please read the PDS.
+Injury must be caused by an external violent event.
#For a non-smoker male accountant aged 18–29 with a normal BMI on $1,500 monthly benefit.
**No benefit will be paid for a Critical Illness if it occurs on or before the cover start date, or within 90 days of the cover starting.
^^Life expectancy of less than 6 months.
++Death must be due to violent, external and visible means solely and directly caused by an accident. Please read the PDS.
##For a non-smoker male aged 18–40 on $100,000 cover level.
***Injury must be caused by an externally caused, unexpected, unintended and unforeseen event.

HCF Life is a member of the Financial Services Council and we are bound by its Life Insurance Code of Practice which sets out the Australian life insurance industry’s key commitments and obligations to customers. Further information is available at