Manage your health

Programs and services that empower you to live a healthier life

Taking control of your health is easier when you have the tools for success. These programs are designed to set you up for a healthier future.


We want to help eligible HCF members* build healthy sleep habits, so we’ve partnered with Sleepfit Solutions, who deliver an app to help improve sleep and wellbeing.

Health management programs

Additional support accessible through extras cover: gym memberships, swimming lessons, quit smoking programs and more.

Weight management

At HCF, we’ve got your back in good times and bad. That’s why we give members access to achievable programs that are supported by medical evidence. We’d never encourage extreme or unsustainable choices like crash dieting.

We have a range of weight-management options including Healthy Weight for Life programs

Mental health support

Online programs to lessen the symptoms of anxiety and depression.


The COACH Program® is a telephone support program provided at no extra cost to eligible members with heart conditions and diabetes^. You’ll be teamed up with a personal health coach, employed and trained by HCF, and supported through a program that’s backed by evidence.

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Becoming a parent can be both the greatest and hardest thing you’ll experience. Listen to parents share their real stories – the joys and stress, the advice and insight in our new podcast.


We’ve partnered with Snug Health to help you manage the health and wellbeing of the whole family, simply and seamlessly with free access to a customised Snug app+.

Mobile app

The My Membership app enables you to claim for extras, check your remaining limits, estimate your benefit amount, update your policy details and much more.

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Online GP consultations, heart checks, hospital safety and quality stats and hospital procedure guides.

No-gap services

Looking after yourself is easier with 100% back on six key extras.

Member offers & discounts

Enjoy savings on our products and other special offers.

HCF app

Take control of your cover with the My Membership app.


*Eligible HCF members with hospital or extras cover. Excludes Overseas Visitors Health Cover.

To be eligible members must have had a heart-related condition or diabetes and must have had hospital cover that includes heart conditions and vascular system for at least 12 months. Excludes Ambulance Only, Accident Only Basic cover and Overseas Visitor Health Cover.

+All HCF members above the age of 14, who hold any HCF health insurance product (excluding Overseas Visitors Health Cover) are eligible for access to a customised Snug app at no cost until 30 June 2022. HCF may choose to continue to pay the cost after 30 June 2022, but if not your account will revert to the standard offer and charges will apply. Members can downgrade to the Snug Lite version at no charge. See