The My Membership app is your health companion – no matter where you are, or what time of day it is.

Instantly access your personal health companion by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play.

You can...


Simply take or upload a photo of your invoice and submit.


See who and what's covered on your policy.


Edit both your payment and contact details.


Enjoy a range of special offers and discounts.


Getting started is quick and easy. Download the HCF app from the App StoreGoogle Play or visit Member Login and click register. You'll need:

  • the policy holder to register, if there’s more than one person on your policy
  • the email address attached to your membership. If you need to update this, call us on 13 13 34.

Set up your biometric log in, by opening settings and turning it on.



How do I download the My Membership app and is it free?
Using the HCF app is free. You can download our app from the App Store and Google Play. Search HCF to find the My Membership app.

What devices can I use? Can I use the app on a tablet or iPad?
Our app is available for Apple iPhones and iPads as well as most Android phones and tablets. Please check your software. For Apple you'll need iOS 13 or above, and for Android devices you'll need Android 9 or above.

Can I start using the app as soon as it's downloaded? And can I register for an online HCF account through the app?
First, you'll need to register before you start using the app. Registering is quick and easy. Tap register on the log in page and follow the instructions. You'll need to have a valid email address linked to your membership before you can register. Call us on 13 13 34 if you need to update your email address. Please keep in mind, only the policy holder can register for the app. Once you've registered you can access both the app and online member services on our website.

What is biometrics log in?
Biometrics log in uses characteristics like your fingerprint or face recognition to give you access to the HCF app, instead of using a password. Biometrics log in requires particular hardware support, which is supported by many new devices. Enabling biometrics log in on your devices gives you a fast and simple way to log in to the HCF app.

Do I need to have facial recognition or my fingerprint to log in to the HCF app?
No, you can continue to use your chosen password if you wish. If you decide to use the feature in the future, go to your settings and enable it.

Can more than one person’s fingerprint or face recognition be registered to the HCF app?
Yes, other individuals added to your device biometrics log in will also be able to sign in to the app because you’ve allowed this within your device settings.

Where are my biometrics stored?
Security is important to us, so is keeping your data safe. When you opt to use biometrics log in, we want you to feel secure knowing your biometric data will not be shared with HCF and is stored and managed by your personal device.

How can I turn on biometrics log in on the HCF app?
Set up quick and easy biometrics log in by opening settings from the main menu when logged in the app and turning it on. You will then need to log back in to the app, where your device will then verify your identity using your stored biometric. Make sure you have biometrics turned on from your device’s settings, otherwise the HCF app won't know you want to use it as an option to log in.

How do I remove biometrics log in from HCF app?
Go to the menu within the app, select settings, then turn off the biometrics authentication. To complete the action, your device will verify your identity using your stored biometric. Next time you log in, you will need to use your membership number and password.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use the app?
Yes, you'll need a stable internet connection to use the app and its features.


What personal information can I update in the app?
You can update your contact details and payment details including what account we pay your benefits into.

How do I claim through the app?
If you have extras, doctor’s or ambulance claims, you can claim in the app. It’s quick and easy. First, you'll need to allow the app access to your camera and photo library.

Once you log in to the app, press ‘Claims’. Then you can attach a max of 4 photos. It’s important the documents you upload clearly show the patient’s name, provider ID and address, the cost, date and description of the service and item number.

If you’re claiming a doctor’s bill after a hospital stay, upload your Statement of Medicare Benefits that contains the Medicare item number, Medicare Benefit Paid and Medicare Schedule Fee.

If you’re claiming for ambulance cover, upload your original bill and we’ll pay the provider directly. Then press ‘Submit’. We'll take care of the rest.

Can I claim for hospital?
Unfortunately, no. You can only claim for extras and ambulance with the app. Find out more about how to make a claim for hospital on our How to make a claim page.

I’m an overseas visitor. Can I use this app?
The app is for Australian private health insurance members only. It’s also only available within Australia. If you have overseas health cover and have questions about your policy or want to know more about what services you’re covered for, call us on 13 68 42.

Can I order a replacement membership card in the app?

Yes, you can. Just log in to the HCF app, go to My Cover in the main nav and select Membership Card. You can then order a new membership card for yourself or all your policy members. You should get your new membership card within 10 business days. Your current card will expire after 14 days.

If a dependent on your policy is under 18 and hasn't received a membership card before, contact us on 13 13 34 and we’ll place the order for you.

If you’ve lost your membership card or it’s been stolen, contact our team as soon as you can on 13 13 34 so we can deactivate it. Once we’ve cancelled your card you won’t be able to use it to claim (even if you find it again).

If you have any questions please call 13 13 34 or contact us.


My device isn't compatible, what do I do?
We're sorry to hear your device isn't compatible. Another option is to register for an online account through online members services. You can access this on both your phone and tablet.

What if I've forgotten my password?
You can reset your password by tapping forgotten password. We'll reset your password by either text message or email. Keep in mind, you'll need your mobile number linked to your membership to receive the reset password code by SMS.

I think there may have been unauthorised access in the app. What do I do?
If you're worried about unauthorised access in the app, please call us as soon as possible on 13 13 34. Try and tell us as much information as possible such as when you think the incident occurred, so we can help you.

Why am I getting an error message when I log in to the app?
You might be trying to log in without being registered or you may be using an incorrect membership number or password. You can try to reset your password. Otherwise, call us on 13 13 34 or email and we'll look into it.


How do I provide feedback about the app?
We're always looking for ways to improve our app and we welcome your feedback. Get in touch by emailing or leave your feedback within the app. To do this, you'll need to:

  • Go to contact us
  • tap on send an enquiry.